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Call Now For Pool Resurfacing

For All Types of Plaster Pool Resurfacing, Pool Fiberglass Resurfacing, And Pool Deck Resurfacing, Hire The Best Pool Resurfacing Company.

Morton Pool Solutions pool resurfacing team has the experience and equipment to address all of your Pool Resurfacing & Replastering Needs. Over the years, pools need resurfacing - this depends on the original finish type, amount of use, and level of maintenance. So whether you're beyond due or just starting to think about Resurfacing Your Pool, here are some breakdowns of costs, materials, and timelines to consider before resurfacing your pool.

Pool Resurfacing

Cost of Resurfacing A Pool

Resurfacing your pool will take away the cloudy, dull, and broken look of your current pool finish. Our team can make the pool match your style and home's architecture "” and we can also find a finish that matches your budget. The factors that will affect the price to resurface your pool include:

  • Size of your pool
  • Do you have a spa
  • Materials
  • Detailed designs (ex. if the finish is installed in a specific pattern or mosaic)

The larger and more detailed your pool is, the more it will cost. But the biggest determining component with figuring out your pool resurfacing cost will be the type of finishing material you use.

Pool Patio Resurfacing

There's no one-size-fits-all approach with pool finishes. The one you choose will significantly depend on your preferences, budget, style of home, the color of the home, and use of the pool. Pool Patio Resurfacing that matches the home decor and poolscape can elevate the pool to a whole new level. There are many types of pool finishes to choose from, including plaster, aggregate finishes, and tile. Secondary to this, each type of pool finish comes in an array of materials, colors, and textures.

Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing

Plaster Pool Resurfacing

A traditional white pool finish for your pool. Plaster is the oldest and most common pool surface finish. It is a simple mixture of water, Portland cement, and either marble dust or silica sand. Plaster gives a Swimming Pool that smooth, classic appearance and continues to be very popular, most likely because it is the most affordable option. For all types of Pool Replastering, hire pool contractors. Pool replastering finish typically lasts five to seven years before visible etching or chipping. For your pool, there are options with plaster. Mixing it with colored pigments or dyes can create dimension and drama. The most common would be medium grey as it creates an ocean blue color and darker plaster colors create depth and enhance reflective qualities i.e. the look of a lake or a pond is obtained with this type of plaster pigmenting.

Plaster Pool Resurfacing

Aggregate Pool Resurfacing

Aggregate pool finishes are the new generation of Plaster Pool Surfaces and demand for this type of pool finish has surged in recent years. While plaster pool finishes were notoriously the most popular type of pool finish in the past, Aggregate pool finish sales have now superseded those of plaster. They contain stones, glass, quartz, ceramic-coated crystals, and/or pebbles which are then combined with a type of cement-based pigmented plaster and pneumatically applied. There are two different types of Aggregate Pool Finishes available to pool owners, exposed and polished. Both offer exceptional durability as they have a greater resistance to staining and chemicals used in the regular treatment and cleaning of your pool. Due to the range of finishes, many of which can appear luxurious and aesthetically appealing, pool owners tend to prefer aggregate pool finishes compared with the traditional plaster pool finish option. Overall, aggregate pool finishes offer a superb balance between having a Luxury Pool Finish that is highly durable and which won't break the bank in the process.

Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing 

A blend of colored quartz aggregates and polymer-modified Portland cement. Diamond Brite color options are Cool Blue, Aqua Quartz, and Super Blue. Diamond Brite Resurfacing lasts eight to 12 years before it fades and gets spotty. We recommend acid washing this finish after about five years to keep it bright.

Pebble Technology Pool Resurfacing

Aggregate finishes like PebbleTec and PebbleSheen. For a more earthy, textured appearance, consider using a pebble finish like PebbleTec or PebbleSheen in Your Pool. These are better options for a darker finish. Some color options with these include Slate Blue, Seafoam Green, Tropical Breeze, Soft White, and Black Marble.

Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing

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